Case Study


Asset Finance


The Challenge

Buying a new car without dipping into savings.

The Solution

Asset Finance.

The Challenge

Greg, a Jersey-based financial adviser was offered finance by his car dealership for his new BMW, but decided to look elsewhere to get a better deal.

The Solution

Future Finance immediately offered asset finance at a far better rate than the dealership, saving him £1000 over the course of a three year agreement.

The full story

Greg says, ‘as I’m a financial adviser, I advise clients to look around for the best deals on the market. It shouldn’t be any different with my personal finances.’ The finance package Greg opted for was a hire purchase agreement with a balloon payment. Greg makes monthly payments over three years and then one final payment to own the car. If you’re looking for a way to afford a dream car without spending savings you might need later on, asset finance can be a good solution. Our team worked with Greg to get the best finance for his situation, with flexibility built in, allowing him to settle the amount any time by selling or part-exchanging his car.

Greg: ‘I’d definitely recommend Future Finance to friends and family looking to buy a new car. It was a quick, simple and straightforward process, and it’s allowed me to drive the car I want. I couldn’t be happier.’