Promotions Terms & Conditions

Future Loans iPhone X & Charity Campaign
Terms and Conditions

(Date of amendment: 9 October 2018)

Read these competition rules carefully. These competition rules (“rules”) explain your rights and duties in connection with this competition.

If you take part in this competition or accept any prize, these rules will apply to you and you agree that the promoter(s) can assume that you have read and have agreed to be legally bound by these competition rules.

Promoter(s) Name(s):

This competition is run by Future Loans Limited, a limited liability company registered in Jersey with its registered address at 13 Broad Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3RR (“Future Finance”).

In these rules, we refer to the above promoter(s) as “the promoter(s)”, or “us” or “we”.

We will refer to participants and winners as “you” or “the customer”.

Competition Period:

This competition shall commence at 10:00am on the 9th of October 2018 and terminate at 13:00 on the 30th November 2018 (“Competition Period”).

The promoter(s) reserve the right to extend the competition. Notice of this will be posted in these rules. Should the competition be extended for any reason the new dates will be published on

Participation and Qualifying Criteria:

To qualify for participation in this competition you must:

  • Apply for a loan of £5,000 or more from Future Loans Limited between 9 October 2018 and 30 November 2018.
  • All qualifying customers whose loans are approved and paid out will be considered as participants in this competition.

General rules for Participation and Qualification.

  • Only the Borrower qualifies as a participant in this Competition. Guarantors do NOT qualify for entry into this Competition.
  • Legal entities such as companies and partnerships may apply for loans and will qualify as a participant in their own right if they meet the qualifying criteria.
  • If there are multiple borrowers or if a legal entity is the borrower, only one prize will be awarded to the winning customer from whose account the loan was made.
  • If the loan is not approved and paid out for any reason, the customer will not be entered into the Competition.
  • All loan applications will be treated on an individual basis. The approval of a loan is based on our assessment of your personal financial circumstances. All loans are subject to status.

How this competition works?

Should you meet the participation and qualifying criteria during the Competition Period, you will be automatically entered into prize draw.


The competition draw will take place as follows:

  • The draw will take place at 13:00 on 20 December 2018 at our Broad Street office.
  • During the Competition Period, qualifying participants will be entered into the draws.
  • The winner will be drawn based on loans applied for, approved and paid out during the Competition Period.
  • The draw will occur by way of a system generated randomised draw


  • The prize for the competition will be:
    1 (one) iPhone XR 64GB in such color as is available at the time of the draw.
  • There will be 1 (one) winner selected for the draw.
  • The prize will be collected at the promotors’ address in Jersey.
  • This prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Who qualifies to take part?

Any Future Finance customer who has applied for a loan and whose loan has been approved and paid out during the Competition Period qualifies for participation, unless they are automatically disqualified as described in these terms and conditions.

Who cannot take part?

The following persons may not take part in this competition and may not win prizes even if their names are entered into the draw in error. They will forfeit (give up) any prize that may have been awarded to them:

  • Any employee of the promoter(s).
  • Any director, member, partner, agent of, or consultant of the promoter(s).
  • Any other person who directly or indirectly controls the promoter(s).
  • Any supplier of goods and services in connection with this competition.
  • Any person whose accounts and credit agreements with Future Finance are not in good standing. This means that even if you were allowed to take part in the competition because you met all the other criteria, Future Finance has the right to withhold a prize from you. “Good standing” means that none or your Future Finance accounts is / are / were in arrears, or in default. Default includes any legal process, collection, liquidation and sequestration proceedings.
  • The spouse, life partner, siblings, children, or parents of any of the persons named above.

Is there a limit on the number of times you can enter?

Customers may apply for as many loans as they like, and each loan will qualify as an entry, subject to the qualifying criteria listed above.

How will winner(s) be chosen?

The winner will be selected randomly by an electronically generated draw which shall take place in the presence of a Risk and/or Legal & Compliance officer.

How will the winners be notified and announced?

  • The winner will be notified by a Future Finance representative by telephone.
  • Note: Where the Future Finance representative cannot reach you telephonically on the numbers you have provided, after the 3rd (third) attempt, you will forfeit (give up your right to) the prize, and another name will be drawn.
  • Where, winners agree to participate in publicity events related to the competition, they will not be entitled to receive any payment for participating in any publicity events related to this Competition, or for participating in any media format or appearances associated with this Competition.

Questions about these rules:

E-mail us on [email protected] for any questions or queries related to the rules or competition in general

Donations to Charities:

The promotor will donate £100 for every loan that meets the Participation and Qualifying Criteria, referred to and set out above, to any one of the following charities:


  • Charity Campaign shall commence at 10:00am on the 9th of October 2018 and terminate at 13:00pm on the 30th November 2018 (“Charity Campaign Period”).
  • All donations to any of the nominated charities will be made in the name of the Promotor.
  • We do not accept responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information available on any of the nominated charities.
  • If a customer elects not to pick any of the nominate charities, he / she is free to do so.
  • Donations to charities not listed here will not be considered.
  • We are not liable or obliged to publish the total contribution to any one; or all of the listed charities.


  • You agree to indemnify the promoter(s) fully for any loss or damage the promoter(s) may suffer because you breached the competition rules.
  • Under this entire clause “indemnify” means you agree to reimburse the promoter(s) for the following: any loss or damage they suffer, any expenses and costs they paid or are responsible for. Legal costs mean costs on an indemnity basis.
  • You also agree to indemnify the promoter(s) for any loss or damage you suffered because you took part in this competition or used the prize. If you enter the competition, use or accept the prize, you understand that you do so of your own free will. This means that you cannot hold the promoter(s) legally responsible for any loss or damage or legal expenses you suffered because you took part in this competition or used the prize.
  • You furthermore agree to indemnify the promoter(s) fully for any loss, damage, claim, or injury that may occur because of the use of the prize or your inability to use the prize for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, injury, loss, death or financial damages caused to any person other than yourself.
  • You therefore agree that you cannot hold the promoter(s) legally responsible for any loss or damage or legal expenses or medical expenses you suffered caused because you used the prize.
  • You will protect the promoter(s) from being held legally responsible for the loss or damage or legal expenses of another person (legal or natural) if such loss or damage or expense was incurred because:
    • you breached the competition rules;
    • you took part in this competition; and/or
    • you or any person used a prize.
  • Future Finance will not be held responsible for any harm, damage, loss or claim relating to the provision of any element of a prize or any changes to a prize that may be made at any time.
  • You agree that your participation in the competition, and your acceptance and/or use of a prize, or any aspect thereof, is at your own risk.
  • If a Future Finance representative is unable to get hold of you after making reasonable efforts to do so, you will lose your prize and the judges may award it to someone else.
  • If you fail to comply with any part of these rules you will be disqualified, and you will forfeit any prize(s).
  • You are responsible for the tax (if any and applicable) associated with using or accepting any prize.
  • You may not attempt to do anything to change the outcome of the competition in any way.
  • The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. This means you cannot appeal any decision by the judges.
  • Future Finance will not be obliged to provide you with the details of any participant in this competition, be it anonymized or otherwise.
  • The promoter(s) have the right to end this competition at any time or substitute or change the prizes. If this happens you agree to waive (give up) any rights that you may have in t this competition and agree that you will have no rights (legal recourse) against the promoter(s).
  • The promoter(s) reserve the right to change the rules of the competition. The promoter(s) can change the rules of the competition throughout the duration of the competition. For convenience only, the date on which these rules were last amended will be shown below the heading. It is your responsibility to check the rules for amendments.
  • The clauses in these rules are severable. This means that if any clause in these rules is found to be unlawful, it will be removed, and the remaining clauses will still apply.
  • Where any dates or times need to be calculated in terms of this agreement, Jersey time will be used.
  • While the promoter(s) may allow you extra time to comply with your obligations or decide not to exercise some or all of our rights, or waive certain requirements, the promoter(s) can still insist on the strict application of any or all of its rights at a later stage. You must not assume that this means that the rules have been changed or that it no longer applies to you.
  • Customers who participate in the campaign understand and agree that, in order to offer the campaign, we may collect and use personal information about customers. This personal information may include customers’, first name, last name, email address, mobile number and in certain instances your image. If we use your image, you shall not be entitled to remuneration. Personal data, which customers provide when they enter the campaign, may, subject to prevailing law, be used for future marketing activity of the promoter(s), unless you notify us that you wish to opt out of receiving such marketing communications. We will treat your information in total confidence and will not sell, share or rent this information to any other third parties. We may disclose information if required to do so by law or if it is required to protect our safety, rights or property, customers or the public.
  • This promotion and its rules will be governed by the law of the Island of Jersey regardless of where you live or work, or where or how you enter.
  • You must send all legal notices to Future Finance, 13 Broad Street, St Helier, JE2 3RR