Case Study

Susie and Jeff Smith

Property Lending


The Challenge

Downsizing without stress.

The Solution

Property Lending.

The Challenge

After their children had grown up and left the family home, Susie and Jeff Smith were keen to downsize and enjoy an easier life. They’d found their dream property, but needed to move quickly.

The Solution

A friend recommended Future Finance, who helped them secure a short term bridging loan to purchase the property which could be settled when their home sold.

The full story

Susie and Jeff had been thinking about downsizing for years. When they found the perfect new home, they knew they had to move quickly to secure it. Susie says, ‘The property was very appealing and had a lot of people looking to purchase it. Unfortunately we could only proceed once our existing property sold. A friend recommended that I speak with the local property experts at Future who had recently helped them find a solution. We met with the team at Future, and they immediately put us at ease - they were so approachable and knowledgeable. We didn’t even realise we had any options, but they suggested they provide a short term bridging facility so we could immediately buy the apartment we loved and the settle the facility when our house sold, in effect bridging the gap.’

By providing the Smiths the option of an ‘interest-only’ repayment or a ‘retained’ facility, Future Finance enabled them to repay all the fees and interest at the end of the agreement, reducing any stress as they moved into their new home.

‘Future Finance were amazing. They made the process unbelievably simple and clear and the speed in which they could act made sure we could buy the home of our dreams.’