Case Study


Property Lending


The Challenge

Finding a hassle-free bridging loan.

The Solution

Property Lending.

The Challenge

A busy, successful professional, Claudio was looking to find a quick and easy way of arranging finance to invest in a garage and other property improvements to help him achieve a successful house sale at the best price.

The Solution

Future Finance listened to the client’s requirements, answered questions, found an appropriate bridging loan to suit his requirements and filled in the relevant forms - the property lending was agreed in principal within 24 hours.


1. How did you hear about Future Property Lending?

Personal contact

2. Did you have any preconceptions about the process before you began?

I thought getting property lending would be difficult, and the paperwork would be complicated and time consuming. I’m time poor, so anything that could be done to save me time was really valuable to me.

3. Why did you choose Future Finance over other providers?

I knew someone who worked there and trusted them and their experience.

4. How would you describe the Future Finance approach?

Helpful, straight-talking.

5. How important was getting the bridging loan for you?

I wanted to sell my property for the best price. The bridging loan allowed me to fund the building of a garage and other home improvements so that I could achieve a successful sale, quickly and easily.