Asset finance FAQs

Find out more about asset finance with these frequently asked questions.

1. What can asset finance be used for?

Asset finance covers a wide range of assets – for individuals it could be the purchase of a car, motorbike or boat, or for a business, asset finance could be used to cover the purchase of IT hardware, machinery, equipment or business vehicles.

2. What are the advantages to using asset finance over cash?

Cash is a valuable asset in its own right. If you’re running a business or managing your own personal cash flow, it may make sense to spread the cost of necessary purchases with asset finance. Fixed monthly repayments can allow you to acquire the assets you need, so you can grow your business or expand your operation without affecting valuable capital.

3. Why is asset finance different to a loan or an overdraft?

Unlike an overdraft, asset finance is not repayable on demand. Also, as we take the quality of the asset into consideration, our assessment criteria may be more flexible. Every request for asset finance is individually assessed across a number of different factors, just get in touch to find out if asset finance is the right solution for you or your business.

4. How long does it take to arrange asset finance?

Here at Future Finance, we appreciate the value of time to you and your business. Every situation is different, but our straightforward systems allow us to process your application quickly and efficiently. Typically, we can process your application and come back to you with a decision within two working days.

5. Will I own the asset?

You will own the asset, but Future Finance will have ‘title’ to it until the final payment is made. It’s a similar situation to a mortgage on a properly.

6. If I use asset finance, do I need to insure the assets?

Yes, as soon as you take delivery of your assets, you’re obliged under the terms of our agreement to insure it against loss or damage. We’ll ask you to provide details of your insurance policy, and if you don’t have insurance arranged, we can put you in touch with our preferred third party insurance provider.

7. What deposit do I need?

We normally ask for 10% deposit, however each situation is different and we will work with you to confirm a deposit amount that aligns with your circumstances and asset value.

8. Can the term be extended?

Being flexible is one of the key benefits of asset finance. We understand that you may wish to upgrade your assets or add additional assets and will work with you to find the best solution for you. Typically, we allow for 50% of the original agreement term to pass before we can explore adding extra assets or upgrading existing ones. Please note that any changes to your agreement or term are subject to our checks and approval processes.

9. How can I arrange asset finance?

Fill out our online application form or speak to us directly! We can provide you with a no obligation quotation, or give you more information about how our solutions can work for you.

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